Electronic Device Insurance

Electronic Device Insurance

Electronic Device Insurance and electronic machinery, equipment or computing systems specified in individual units or various units with the type, number, construction years, nature and insurance assets on the attached ruler, which constitutes the isrole of this policy, while normally running or in the same workplace cleaning, maintenance, revision and displacement, for all any reasons and unforeseen reasons and ezsentences, which are not previously known;
• Negligence, defect, error, carelessness or sabotage of business personnel or third parties,
• Theft or theft in places where insured assets are found,
• From faulty design and material,
• Short circuit, high voltage and induction current effects,
• Fire, lightning, extinguishing and saving every nev due to explosion and rescue,
• Scorched, blackout, smoke and damage from the work
• From natural disasters such as storms, floods, sedivating, landslides, landslides, except earthquakes,
• Water and humidity effect and corrosion damage caused by them,
• Other cases that are not abused,
• Provides repair costs and substitution costs required by the property and damage semanship.

You can find out the details of the guarantee that Electronic Device Insurance offers you.

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