Travel Health Insurance for full assurance in your travels

Travel Health Insurance for full assurance in your travels

Travel Health Insurance Overseas Emergency
Are you going on short-term trips abroad? This policy is for you
With this insurance required for visa processing for schengen and travel to countries around the world, we guarantee you in case of emergencies that you may encounter on your travels abroad.

Why should I get Overseas Health Insurance?

Travel health insurance is one of the most important requirements for going abroad. It provides emergency medical assistance in the event of illness or accident while being found abroad, as well as treatment costs. It is also a necessary insurance for visas to Schengen countries. It is possible to have a large guarantee with a very cheap premium.

To access our services offered by EUROP ASSISTANCE, you simply need to contact our common agencies or Regional Directorates. If you wish, you can easily make your policy on-line at any time of the day.

The guarantees offered to you by Travel Health Insurance

Our Travel Health Insurance offers a wide guarantee for overseas travel. We provide a guarantee not only in the event of an accident, but also in emergencies other than accidents..
In case of emergency;
• Outpatient spending,
• Hospital treatment (surgery, medical treatment, etc.)
• Medical transfer, (Transfer of the insured to the dorm)
In the event of death, the burial or transfer costs of the deceased from abroad shall be covered within the limit specified in the policy.

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