What are the Advantages of Insurance?

What are the Advantages of Insurance?

Similarly, the insurance is a non-mandatory type of insurance. Nevertheless, it is an insurance that has a serious requirement to be made and has many advantages. Since the helmet is the subject of the insurance owner and its vehicle, your mandatory traffic insurance will cover the damage of the other party, while your damage will be covered by your helmet covered. For this reason, every person who wants to guarantee himself and the vehicle he owns must be made. In many ways, you’re going to be in a very difficult situation, with a lot of accidents or a problem with your car that can happen to your insured without being insured. Therefore, it is useful to know in detail the advantages of the helmet listed below.
1. Traffic insurance only meets damage caused by accidents caused by the other side, while the insurance inparties in part or in part for accidents caused by you.
2. In the event of accidents or a malfunction, the vehicle may become immobile or the condition may be sought so that the vehicle is not moved in order to avoid having problems with the insurance service. In these cases, you need to apply for attractive service. The insurers also offer the tow service free of charge if they are covered by the policy for certain situations.

3. If you are unable to use your vehicle because of any accidents, malfunctions and similar situation, a vehicle will be given by Doğa Sigorta until the process is completed. In this way, you are not affected by the negativity that may occur and you can continue your life without disrupting your daily life.

4. Damages that may occur in the event of theft are taken to the bottom of the guarantee with the insurance policy of Doğa Sigorta. While the vehicle is allocated as a stolen one, if your vehicle is not stolen but suffered damage as a result of the attempted theft, your damage will be covered by Doğa Sigorta.

5. These damages are caused by earthquake, fire, hail, landslide similar to organic disasters.

6. The injury that may occur in the accident response with the health services that you can add to the insurance guarantees is under the guarantee of Doğa Insurance in case of death.

7. You can also add additional guarantees to your cashier and arrange the guarantees contained in your policy according to your own needs.
What is the difference between Insurance and Traffic Insurance?
Kasko is a type of insurance that does not have to be made and is at the initiative of the owners of vehicles. Traffic Insurance is a type of insurance that is required by law to be built for every vehicle that goes to traffic. Of course, while there is no sanction for not taking out a insurance, not having traffic insurance leads to penalties such as fines, traffic bans. Insurance is an insurance that guarantees the material or physical damages that you can provide to third parties while securing the owner and vehicle of the means that makes the insurance. Traffic insurance premium limit is standard because it is determined by the state. In the helmet, the amount is determined according to the scope of the policy. The determining factor here is that we’re going to have to insurance owner’s preferences. Because the scope of the helmet is wider, it costs more than traffic insurance.
• Impact, collision
• Tipping, falling, rolling
• Burning
• Theft
• Theft as a result of the theft of the original key
• Loss of key
• Malicious movements
• Terrorism
• Earthquake
• Flood seylap
• Unauthorized shooting of the vehicle
• Smoking and similar substance damages
• Rodent guarantee
• Damage loss protection
• Old financial liability
• Seat individual accident
• Emergency health ambulance service
• Legal protection
• Mini repair service
• Road assistance service
• Catering service
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I would like to express my satisfaction that the window of my vehicle, which was damaged by the stone that hit the windshield while cruising, was replaced from my insurance policy originally and quickly without waiting.

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