What Does Life Insurance Provide You?

What Does Life Insurance Provide You?

Life Insurance ensures that if you lose your life, protect the living standards of both you and your relatives economically and the future of their loved ones if you lose your life, if you lose your life, and this can provide prosperity to your relatives.

What are life insurance guarantees?

Although the main guarantee of our life insurance is deceased, our additional guarantees vary according to different products as follows:

Death Deposit
If he dies for any reason, it is made to your relatives to pay compensation to their loved ones as much as the amount of collateral specified in your policy.
Accidental Death Deposit
For accidental or accidental reasons, the relatives of the deceased are given immediately or within one year from the date of the accident.
Disability Deposit as A Result of Disease
As a result of an illness diagnosed within the insurance period, compensation payment is made in the event of permanent disability within one year from the date of diagnosis.
Cancer Protection Guarantee
This payment is carried out when cancer is diagnosed in the event of a continuation of insurance.
When does the insurance period last?
According to the life insurance package or usually a year.
How much is the Life Insurance Premium Amount?
The premium amount varies according to age factors such as gender, etc.
The scope of 17 Hazardous Disease Coverage including Cancer is as follows:

1. Cancer
2. Heart attack
3. Stroke
4. Chronic renal failure
5. Coronary artery bypass surgery
6. Important organ transplantation
7. Blindness
8. Benign brain tumor
9. Heart valve surgery

10. Terminal liver failure
11. MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
12. Deafness
13. Serious head trauma
14. Loss of speech
15. Serious burns
16. Coma
17. Parelizi

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