What Does Private Health Insurance Offer?

What Does Private Health Insurance Offer?

Health Insurance is one of the types of insurance that covers the health expenditures of the insured within the policy period (doctor examination, medicine, imaging, assay, surgery costs, etc.) in private and general conditions. Health Insurance covers inpatient and outpatient services, as well as additional health care services such as emergency states, PSA and mammography, ambulance, wide assistant options and check-ups to make your health better and faster for you.
Private Health Insurance consists of the following plans.
If you do not have health insurance, you can also take advantage of the largest private hospital network in Turkey by getting health insurance, while you can benefit from privileges such as Doctor’s Hotline, free check-up, dental pack and psychological counseling if you have private health insurance.
In these days when we once again see how important human health is with the pandemic process, you gain a special privilege for our esteemed customer.
Equipped with all the features of today’s technology, we make the information written, voice or video consultation according to your preference as desired for you.
We prepare the insurance offers that best suit your needs from different insurance companies for you. Compare to your insurance when you pay a lower premium, get out of profit.

Private Health Insurance Coverage
Additional Guarantees of Product Guarantees* (Inpatient Treatment Guarantee)
Private Health Insurance Medicare Hospitalization (Hospitalized treatment in excess of 24 hours) Birth Guarantee
Surgical Hospitalization (Preoperative and post-hospitalized treatment) Overseas

Hospitalization Treatment Guarantee
Room/Food/Companion –
Medical Treatment Hospitalization –
Auxiliary Medical Supplies –
Intensive Care –
Small Intervention –
Suni Limb –
Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy/Dialysis –
Home Care –
Land and Air Ambulance –
Post-Hospitalization Physical Therapy –
Rehabilitation –

Additional Guarantees*(Outpatient Treatment Guarantee)
Doctor’s Examination Pregnancy Routine Checks
Medicines and Vaccines Overseas Outpatient Treatment
Assay/X-ray Free Over 40 Years of Control Mammography
Physical Therapy Guarantee Free Over 40 Years Of Control PSA
Advanced Diagnostic Methods Free Check-up (1 times)
Spectacle Lens and Dental Treatment Guarantee

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