Why Should I Get Housing Package Insurance?

Why Should I Get Housing Package Insurance?

By guaranteeing the risks you may face in your residence with your policy, you can also have many assistant services in one policy. Moreover, in addition to the house and the belongings in it, you can guarantee the responsibilities of those who live in the house..
Next Generation Housing Packages and Modular Housing Package Insurance products; secures homes and items, frees you from all these burdens and ensures your happiness. With our New Generation Housing Package Insurance Policy, which is created in 3 different content: Affordable, Standard and Elite, you can now choose and benefit from our different package alternatives according to different budgets.


Next Generation Housing Packages and Modular Housing Package Insurance products; saves you from this burden by guaranteeing household and property.
Under the Next Generation Housing Packages; our ready-made product packages for various needs provide the most suitable solution to our insured in the fastest way. “Affordable”, “Standard”, “Elit”, creates three different content with the following name.
Affordable: Our package meets the most basic needs.
Standard: Our package meets the risks of a standard housing.
Elite: Content is our enriched package.
Within the scope of “Modular Housing Package Insurance”, we provide tailor-made solutions for non-standard or featured insurance needs.

The assurances we automatically offer with a single policy under Housing Insurance:

Assets guaranteed:

• Building
• Household goods
• Valuables
• Guest goods
• Cash and precious paperwork
Guarantees offered:
• Fire, lightning, explosion
• Flooding, flooding
• Space shift
• Damage caused by landslide additional collateral-surrounding excavations
• Full
• Earthquake
• Strike, lockout, mayhem, public movements, malicious movements, terrorism
• Built-in water
• Internal water damage caused by aquarium, air conditioning installation and refrigerator malfunctions
• Internal water damage caused by insufficiency
• Storm
• Smoke
• Snow weight
• Impact of land/air/marine vehicles
• Fire financial liability
o Fire, explosion
o Built-in water
o Smoke
o Strike, lockout, turmoil, public movements, malicious movements, terrorism
• Theft
• Household goods/goods/ornaments/building fixed installations/cash and precious paperwork
• Abuse of safety of employees
• Physical damage
• Employer responsibility
• Breaking glass and mirrors
• Legal protection
• Electrical damage
• Electronic device insurance
• Food degradation due to electrical failure
• Machine breakage insurance
• Family support insurance (personal accident / responsibility against third parties / snatching)
• Debris removal costs
• Nonfueling
• Loss of rent
• The goods are also covered outside the residence
• Alternative residence costs
• Paint-whitewashing, etc. decoration costs for tenants
• Payment guarantee at new value
• Missing insurance protection
• Inflation protection
• Anatolian service housing assistants
• Anatolian service housing assistance
• MiniFIX service
• Anatolian emergency health services
• Anatolian residential mini repair service
• Carpet washing / discounted dry cleaning service
• Combi and air conditioning maintenance service
• Honeycomb cleaning service

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